6 Common Bugs That Look Like Maggots

Let’s begin with the obvious – maggots are fly larvae.

When you see maggots in and around your home, it can be disconcerting. Especially when you can’t pinpoint where they come from.

Maggots are small, white, wriggly creatures and are very common.

That doesn’t mean the creatures you have seen are maggots. They could be several other bugs that look like maggots.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of 6 bugs that look like maggots that will guide you in identifying them.

6 Common Bugs That Look Like Maggots

6 Bugs That Look Like Maggots You May Find In Your Home



When they’re in their worm form, grubs and maggots look almost identical. When they grow up, however, the grub will probably become a beetle, and the maggot becomes a fly, respectively.

When it comes to flying insects, the differences are visible, but worms have their own set of characteristics.

The size of maggots and grubs is different. Maggots are small creamy white larvae that can grow to be only a half-inch long. They’re small and have no legs, so they have to crawl from place to place.

Grubs are a little longer than maggots. Some grub species can grow almost an inch long and have legs that allow them to scurry over the earth.

Grubs have a brown head and are frequently off-white.



Termites and maggots have several physical similarities on the surface. They are either off-white or yellow in color and have a similar shape and size.

Both termites and maggots are unpleasant in the home, so it’s reasonable if you don’t want to get too close to them for identification.

The creatures will look to be acutely identical if you don’t observe them closely. Due to the apparent similarities, many people with termite infestations mistakenly believe they have a maggot infestation.

On the other hand, adult termites grow to about 3/8 inch in length, while maggots develop to about 1/2 inch.

Termite Larvae – Very Similar To Fly Larvae!

termite larvae

Termite larvae resemble maggots even more closely, though smaller in size, measuring about 1/10 inch.

The juvenile (larval stage) termite lacks the adult’s hard shell but resembles the adults in every way. While maggots don’t simulate the adult flies, they’ll become.

It is likely adult and juvenile termites if you see a swarm of few tubular insects of varied sizes.

Bees Larvae

bee larvae

Bees larvae resemble little maggots more than anything else. One major difference is that bee larvae do not travel very far from the hive at all.

In fact, I would be amazed to find bee larvae in a home!

Wasp Larvae

wasp larvae

Wasp larvae look like maggots.

Again, similar to bee Larvae, I do not expect wasp larvae to be found inside a home unless there is a nest in your attic or a nearby tree.

Moth Caterpillars

Moth Caterpillars

Moth caterpillars look like maggots too.

There is one major difference between a maggot and a moth caterpillar, and that is the color.

You will note that while moth caterpillars vary in color, they are rarely as white as maggots. In fact, the closest thing to resemble maggots is the green or Luna moth caterpillar.


So, now you know there are at least 6 bugs that resemble maggots. It is time to identify them fully!

If you have seen bugs in your home that look like maggots, then they are probably maggots.

Most other things on this page are not as common.

If you are not 100% sure what pest you have and need some advice, you should discuss them with a pest control company. They will be able to identify these bugs fully and will also help to remove them safely.

If you have confirmed their identity, you can then roll out a plan to kill the maggots.

Good luck!


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