How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Shed

Spiders and sheds are like cockroaches and damp areas. Spiders love places with shade!

These areas are dark, and you can find most insects lurking around, making it a feeding nest for spiders. Besides this, the shed becomes a peaceful habitant as they are hardly disturbed by humans.

However, to avoid spiders taking over your shed, you need to start with preventing them from building their homes.

Let’s look at ways you can keep spiders out of your shed – I always opt for natural methods, so check them out below.

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Shed

How to Prevent Spiders From Building a Home In Your Garage

spider in the shed in web

When you want to keep spiders out of your shed, the first thing is to prevent them from building their home. Once you can do that, you will have a spider-free shed.

However, if you don’t control the process, your shed will become a comfort zone for their relaxation and merriment.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent spiders from building their home in your shed.

Clear all debris

Spiders love places with debris and foliage around the shed, so you need to clear this debris and foliage to prevent them from breeding effectively.

Regular cleaning will help remove spiders from your shed.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you have to use your hands to scrub every inch of the shed. Instead, you can use a broom or special spider removal device to pull out cobwebs.

Furthermore, you can do occasional deep cleaning if you have the time.

Use a pesticide

Nowadays, there are several pesticides that you can use to prevent spiders from coming into your shed.

However, ensure the particular product is explicitly designated for spiders as the effects can differ from one product.

You can also use special spider repellent lining paper around your shed. It works like magic and deters spiders from gaining access to your shed.

You must carefully place the lining paper close to any access point, especially windows and doors.

A pesticide will also harm other wildlife, so please use it cautiously, and speak to a professional pest control company if you need help.

Inspect and seal your doors and windows around the shed

shed doors

You need to check the frames of your windows attached to your walls to ensure no spider is lurking around. Furthermore, seal areas of the windows using caulk.

You must do this if you have an older window with many large spaces. If it has gone past sealing, you can consider replacing the window.

Remember, spiders are sneaky animals and can find ways to squeeze themselves through the cracks.

Ensure all windows and doors to your shed are airtight, making it hard for them to get in. In addition, you can insulate your shed during the winter to keep it warmer.

Repaint your shed

While you might not prove this, a school of thought suggests spiders avoid sheds painted in sky blue.

It is believed that spiders only see green wavelengths, making them consider your shed part of the sky.

Nevertheless, since it isn’t proven, you can opt to repaint your home for decorative purposes instead of as a means to chase spiders away from your home.

How to Deal With Spiders Inside Your Home

spider on floorboards

Spiders can sometimes access your home; you don’t have to let them cohabit with you. However, there are several ways to eliminate spiders, including natural and chemical methods.

You will need a natural approach if you have pets or children at home because chemicals can be harmful when in contact with the body.

Let’s examine the two main methods to choose the best option that suits your environment and conditions.

Chemical Methods

If your environment is suitable, you can opt to use chemicals. However, you can fumigate the area as it is the most effective method to clean spiders from your home.

Besides this, you can use a more natural approach, such as eucalyptus, which is a good spider repellent.

You can buy eucalyptus branches or oil from a garden store. Place the oil around crevasses and areas where spiders often appear.

The eucalyptus branch or oil smell keeps spiders away from your home. Alternatively, you can remove any light source as light attracts spiders and other bugs.

Whatever method you use, ensure you use a vacuum to remove dead spiders instead of your bare hands.

Natural Methods

Most of the spider repellents you find are scent-based. Unlike most insects, spiders interpret scents through touch, using their hairy legs to detect odors.

Therefore, consider applying scent-based solutions; otherwise, it won’t be effective. Instead, keep the scent-based solution close to where they crawl often.


hand in yellow rubber glove picking up vinegar

Vinegar tends to be effective in dealing with most insects and rodents. These animals hate strong smells that emanate from vinegar, making it an alternative to your pesticide.

Spray it around the corners of your shed, windows, and areas where spiders lurk around.

For effective results, ensure you reapply the vinegar every five days.

Vanilla and Vegetable Oil

Both natural ingredients produce a strong and unpleasant smell that deters spiders. When you mix both items, it can last up to 14 days before the odor subsides.

Place a small quantity close to your corners and window sills and allow it to stay. You will observe that spiders will hardly lurk around those areas.

Mint, Lavender, and Lemon

Mint has a harsh scent that spiders do not seem to like. All you need is to place a few drops around the shed, which will help to keep them away.

Alternatively, if you want to use a double dose of a natural ingredient, you can use lemon and lavender because most spiders do not like citrus scents.

Use a cotton ball soaked in lemon and lavender essential oils and place it around your shed. I use this to help spider-proof my attic and shed!

Citrus Essential Oils

two bottles of citrus oils

This has a sharp and pungent smell that irritates spiders. All you need is to mix citrus with water and soap before spraying it around the shed.

It works like magic; however, you must mix the oil and water properly.

Baking soda or borax

If you cannot lay your hands on the aforementioned natural items, you can use baking soda or borax on the floor.

It has been known to kill spiders.

**Before using borax, click here to read how to use it safely**


horse chestnuts

Chestnuts are another natural but unproven method that deters spiders. You can try it to see if it works for you. I would love to know the result of your experiment.

It can be your last resort if other methods don’t yield the anticipated result.


Spiders are pesky creatures that can potentially pose serious health challenges. Therefore, protecting your home against these unfriendly visitors is paramount.

While there are several ways to get rid of spiders in your shed, the method you decide to use will depend on your resources and environment.

While chemicals and poisons can remove these creatures from your home, they might not be the best option if you have kids or pets.

Nevertheless, if you want a safe and cost-effective method of keeping spiders out of your shed, I recommend you opt for natural remedies. I’ve already mentioned some practical techniques to keep spiders away from your shed.

Remember, prevention is critical as it is better than cure.

If all else fails, find a local pest control company to help you.

Good luck!


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