3 Step Guide – Using Borax To Kill Bed Bugs

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Although they are known as bed bugs, they are not limited to a bed.

They can build a nest in any place they have easy access to their food source. They can cozy up in your couch, all over your furniture, or any other safe and secure structures such as chairs or tables.

Before you know it, you are dealing with a bed bug infestation!

These insects are tiny and hard to spot, but they grow slightly larger in size once they have a full meal, and you can spot them a little easier.

Remember that these tiny creatures reproduce rapidly, meaning that as soon as you spot them, you should take immediate and swift measures to get rid of them.

You can employ several methods to eliminate them, and this post discusses the use of borax when dealing with a bed bug infestation.

Using Borax To Kill Bed Bugs

What is Borax?

Borax is a naturally occurring chemical compound. This is a key ingredient in detergents and cleaning solutions.

Its stain-fighting and grease-removing properties are the reason why it is used in several cleaning recipes.

When ingested, it causes the disintegration of the internal organs, so Borax is commonly used to eliminate certain kinds of pests and insects.

Can You Use Borax To Kill Bed Bugs?

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Yes, you can.

They can also eliminate bed bugs by suffocating them. The most common way to use Borax is to sprinkle a generous amount of this chemical all over the infested area and leave it for at least a day.

Bed bugs don’t ingest Borax, but this substance will make it difficult for them to breathe and eventually kill them. You can also add a small amount of Borax along with the detergent when washing your clothes.

Make sure to buy a finer form of Borax as it will remove the bed bugs faster.

Step By Step Guide To Killing Bed Bugs With Borax

Here is a 3 step guide you should follow when using borax for bed bugs.

Step 1 – remove all your linens, including bed sheets, and sprinkle a generous amount of Borax on the infected areas.

Step 2 – Next step involves saturating the area. You do this by applying water to the surface. Use a plastic spray bottle and sprinkle water over the Borax. Once you have sprinkled water, Borax will start killing the bed bugs.

Step 3 – to ensure that the bugs never return, you will need to wash all the linens, including the towels, bedsheets, and clothes, in hot water borax solution.

Safety Measures When Using Borax

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Although Borax is a naturally occurring substance, it is not 100% safe.

The compound is not too toxic to humans or other life forms such as birds, dogs, or aquatic life, but it can irritate the skin, lungs, and hands.

To limit the risks, you need to use safety measures such as wearing long sleeves and putting on gloves and goggles.

Also, make sure to wash your hands properly after the borax application. If you have pets or children, consider lodging them elsewhere until you have cleaned up everything.

What draws bed bugs to our homes?

There is a big misunderstanding among people that bed bugs are caused due to clutter and the build-up of organic matter. But in reality, these insects are not drawn to decay or filth like flies.

Bed bugs can thrive even in the cleanest spaces as long as there is room for hiding and easy access to a blood meal.

Bed bugs are commonly found in places such as hotels, motels, theatres, etc. And you end up bringing them home with you after you return from such places.

These bugs hitchhike on your luggage, clothing, and other personal belongings and accidentally end up in your house.

Bed bugs thrive on blood and require regular blood meals. But unlike mosquitoes, these insects can’t fly to their food source, and neither can they live on their host like a tick. So the best way for them is to hide near a food source and come out to feed when it is safe.

But even when they show up to feed on the host, they do it discreetly. They come out of their hiding in the middle of the night when it is the darkest. And when they bite into their victim, they inject something similar to a mild anesthetic to remain undetected.

Very sneaky!

Two practical and easy tricks to keep the bed bugs away

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  • Throw away all the affected fabric and upholstery
  • Wash all the fabrics with a potent detergent in hot water

The first way is a little expensive because you will have to part ways with your favorite linens, but it will eliminate the issue for good.

Things you need to do after you get rid of bed bugs

After you are done using Borax and clearing the bed bugs, you need to take the necessary steps to deter another infestation.

The steps mentioned below will ascertain that the entire infestation is wiped out, preventing them from returning.

  • Dust your furniture and bed every day
  • Make it a routine to wash all your linens at least once a week. Try to use hot water for washing the fabrics.
  • Along with washing the linens and dusting the furniture, clean your house every day

All of these steps will ensure that your house stays free from all kinds of infestations.


Getting rid of insect and pest infestation takes a lot of work and time, but borax is a good tool if you want to kill bed bugs!

When using borax to kill bed bugs, you should repeat the procedure a few times to see 100% results. So the best thing to do is take preventive measures to keep yourself and your house away from bedbugs.

From time to time, sprinkle some amount of Borax in and around your home. It makes killing bed bugs an ongoing process.

If you suffer from a bed bug infestation, you should also think about using alcohol to kill them.

Good luck!

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