How To Get Ants Out Of Your Car

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In this post, we will look at the reasons you are getting ants in your car and what you can do to reduce the chances or even stop it.

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remove garbage

Remove food wrappers and garbage!


clean interior

Vacuum the carpets, consoles, and seats to guarantee that all debris is removed.


wipe Windows

Clean the interior of the window with window cleaner to remove any stains on the window. 


ant Traps

Get a couple of ant traps and distribute them everywhere in your automobile.


Spray Tires

Spray insecticide on your tires to keep ants from crawling up your tires and into your car.


Garage traps

Set traps in your garage so ants are caught before they get to your car.


stop eating

Stop eating in your car! Crumbs will attract ants.


natural repellents

Use natural repellents such as black pepper.