How To Get Annoying Ants Out Of Your Car

Getting ants in your car is common.

An ant infestation, on the other hand, is not.

In this post, we will look at why you are getting ants in your car and what you can do to reduce the chances or even stop it.

How to Get Ants Out of Your Car

Why and How Ants Get into Your Car

Before jumping to the solutions and remedies to stop these annoying ants from getting into your car, let’s know why these creatures do this.

Ants may emerge in your automobile if you don’t clear away food leftovers. It would help if you cleaned your car regularly.

If you’re wondering, “I got ants in my car but no foodstuff,” consider your parking spot. If you are parking near an anthill, the insects will detect even the tiniest crumbs and enter your vehicle because they have a highly advanced sense of smell.

Ants are constantly looking for food, so if your children eat snacks in the car, ants will likely settle in quickly.

How to Stop Ants from Getting into Your Car


Here are eight things you can do to eliminate ants in your car.

Remove Food Wrappers and Garbage

Scrap papers, food wrappers, napkins, and leaflets should be cleaned and removed from your vehicle.

Remove all rubbish from your car’s flooring, dash, and seats and any debris from the glove box, armrests, and trunk.

If you have a little bag in your car that you use as a temporary garbage bag, clean it or exchange it.

Food and food wrappers are things that ants are attracted to.

Clean Car Interior with a Vacuum

vacuuming car

To get rid of breadcrumbs, dust, and other objects that may attract ants, use a small handheld vacuum or a vacuum with an extension head.

Vacuum the carpets, consoles, and seats to guarantee that all debris is removed.

If you see some ants when vacuuming, I recommend you not hoover them up because you could take them into your home.

To truly clean food and grime from the floor mats, you may need to remove them from the car and vacuum them separately.

Alternatively, take your car to a professional to clean it thoroughly.

Wipe Down Doors and Windows

Clean the interior of the car windows and doors with a soft cloth and a cleanser. Ensure dust and dirt are removed from the recesses of the windows and doors.

Clean the interior of the window with a window cleaner to remove any stains on the window.

It would help if you cleaned the seat belts, armrests, and glove compartment.

Use Ant Traps

ant trap

Look for poisoned ant bait traps that will lure and kill the ants.

Get a couple of ant traps and distribute them everywhere in your automobile to kill ants.

Place ant traps on the floor and under the seats to entice the ants inside and kill them. You can also place an ant trap in the trunk and glove box.

Once the ant traps are filled with ants, you might have to change them to keep them working correctly. The ants will take some bait back to the colony to kill

Ensure that kids and animals are not exposed to these chemicals by keeping them away from the traps in your car. Also, do not add traps in the drivers side near the pedals. You do not want the traps to interfer with your driving!

Spray Your Car Tires

spraying car tire

Spray insecticide on your tires to keep ants from crawling up your tires and into your car. Pesticides in the form of a spray can be found at any hardware store shop or online.

Inside the car, consider avoiding ant sprays because they might make your car stink. It should be enough to apply 1-2 layers of the spray to your tires once a week to keep them out.

Set Traps in Your Garage

If your automobile is infested with ants, there could be an ant nest or hill nearby. Look for an ant colony in your garage or normal parking area—set traps near the nest to eliminate the ants and keep them out of your car.

Eliminate anthills by using:

To avoid exposure to the poisons, keep children and pets away from the traps.

Try parking your automobile somewhere else until that ant nest is destroyed, preventing the ants from getting into your vehicle.

Stop Eating in Your Car

Avoid eating in your automobile because the food will attract ants.

Advise passengers not to eat in your car so that there are no leftovers or scraps of food to attract ants.

If you must eat in the car, keep food wrapped in a bag and avoid spreading crumbs or fragments of food.

Use Natural Remedies

black pepper to get rid of ants in your car

Cinnamon, Mint, pepper, and salt are all ant repellents, and sprinkling them inside your automobile might help.

If it does not seem appealing, you can wash surfaces and crevices with a citrus-scented wipe or a 1:1 mixture of water and vinegar, which ants dislike.

You can also employ a safe deterrent by drawing circles around your tires with chalk.

If Nothing Else Helps, Seek A Professional To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Car

pest control expert (2)

Removing ants from the car can be challenging and aggravating, especially if there is a secondary infestation. Since you lacked the necessary equipment, you may have missed or been unable to visit some sites.

Furthermore, removing pheromone trails created by ants is a pain. The problem persists even after you’ve cleaned up all traces of water and food.

In that scenario, hiring a professional pest control expert will put your mind at ease and help permanently address your problem.

Why waste time trying to get rid of those bothersome ants when you can hire a qualified professional to do this for you?

Get Rid Of Black Ants in Your Car

black ant

If you’ve already gotten rid of all the ants and insects in your car or don’t want them to come back, there are a few regulations you must always observe.

Black ants are the most common type of ants you will get inside your car.

First and foremost, you must remove all food from your vehicle. To avoid leaving crumbs, don’t consume snacks. If you don’t have any other options, make an effort to wrap it correctly and eat it cautiously.

To avoid attracting new pests, take out the rubbish from your automobile regularly. Every week, you must clean the interior of your car.

Please clean it up with a vacuum cleaner and a moist towel to eliminate debris and food crumbs.

Looking for ant hills in the parking lot before parking your car is essential. You can protect your vehicle from recurring ant invasions by ensuring no ants are near it.

Note that if you have ants in the garage, they are likely to infest your automobile as well. As a result, you must also eliminate ants in the garage or other areas where you frequently keep your car.


If you were wondering how to get ants out of car spaces, you should follow this article’s advice, and you will be in a much better place. You will end up with fewer chances of getting ants in the car.

You might think that it is challenging to get rid of ants in your car. Fortunately, it is not that difficult. Ants plague many car owners.

That’s why we decided to share this article and show you how to efficiently and quickly get rid of ants in automobile vents and door frames.

When I got ants in my car, this was the process I followed to get rid of the ants and reduce the chances of them coming back, and it worked!

It can work for you too.

Good luck!


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