How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Car

If one organism can invade even the tightest spots, it has got to be ANTS!

These tiny crawlers can move into every nook and cranny instantly.

Once they have made a place their home, it is pretty challenging to remove them permanently. If ants make it inside your vehicle, trust us, it will be a lot of work. Though this is not a typical situation, if your car is always littered with food bits, ants won’t hesitate to take up residence inside your vehicle.

Clearing an ant infestation in your car will take a lot of effort and time, but if done right, you can get rid of them for good.

This post talks about getting rid of ants from inside your car and discusses preventive measures to avoid an infestation in the future.

How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Car

Why Do I Get Ants In My Car?

Anything from stale food and snacks like fries and biscuits to crumbs from the dinner-on-the-go attracts ants and other similar pests into your vehicle. An unclean car offers a perfect environment for ants to set up their home.

Some of us park our cars with the windows rolled down; it is like an open invitation to the nasty crawlers to get in and build their nests. You also need to check your parking spot to see whether you have parked in an area infested by ants, such as an anthill.

If you notice ants on your vehicle’s exterior surface, such as the hood or windshield, it means you had left your car probably near an anthill. Or else you might have left your vehicle under a tree that they infested.

Ants love exploring new territories and would have accidentally crawled into your car; if there are no food sources inside, they will leave on their own, but if they do find one, they will let the others know immediately!

Other cases of ant infestation happen when there is something attractive for the ants under your hood. Some types of wiring are coated with materials that ants like to chew.

So if you see ants invading your engine, you need to get a professional to inspect the situation. In most cases, spraying an insecticide through the front grill will take care of it. You may also need to check with a mechanic to see what damage has been caused before you drive it again.

How Do I Get Rid Of Ants From My Car

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Remove all the trash from inside your car. Food crumbs and scraps draw ants into the car more than anything else. And for this very reason, you need to remove all the garbage from inside.

Car owners commonly tend to turn their vehicles into mobile trash cans after having a meal on the road. But as soon as you get home, clear all the waste, or you will end up luring all kinds of pests into your automobile.

Vacuum the interiors

Once you have removed all the trash, including food wrappers, takeaway boxes, coffee cups, etc., use a car vacuum to clean the interiors of your vehicle. In addition, a vacuum can remove dust and dirt (including food crumbs) from the tricky spots your hands cannot access.

You can use your vacuum to clean the seats, mats, under the seats, and the dashboards.

Use ant traps to kill the ants.

You can get sticky ant traps from your local store. Buy a good quality trap and place them inside the car in areas where you usually see them.

The typical spots where ants frequently visit include the door compartments, door, dashboard, etc. this is a safe way of getting rid of the ants.

Borax is good for stopping ants!

Use insecticides

This is an extreme option because insecticides can be harmful to us also. You can lightly spray an insecticide.

After a couple of hours, open the car doors and let all the air go out. You can then perform a thorough cleaning or take it to a car wash to ensure the insecticides get cleaned.

Deterring Ants From Your Car

But why not prevent an infestation in the first place to avoid going through all the trouble of getting rid of them? The most basic and essential step to prevent an infestation is to avoid scattering food crumbs inside your car.

Limit snacking inside your vehicle and keep your vehicle spick and span at all times. Unfortunately, many of us ignore the seat covers and the floor mats, which are spots where ants are likely to take shelter.

Here are some of the top tips to deter ants from getting into your car

Several scents deter ants, so you can use those, and you can also follow these tips.

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Keep the interiors of your car clean.

As mentioned above, ants are unlikely to enter your car if you clear the food sources. You can vacuum the interiors weekly and clean the floorboard, trunk, and upholstery.

Ants are tiny creatures and can hide in the smallest spaces; cleaning your car once a week ends the problem. And try not to eat inside your vehicle.

Change your car’s typical parking spot.

If the ant problem keeps returning, it is probably because you are parking your vehicle near an ant infestation.

Ants also produce pheromones which they use to inform others in the colony about the food source.

So the problem will most likely recur unless you find a new parking space.

Get an exterior car wash.

Once a month, get your vehicle professionally cleaned.

Professional car wash guarantees cleaning all the parts of your car, including the difficult-to-reach under-carriage, under the hood, and the wheels.

Spray the tires with pesticide

Ants make their way into your car through the tires. So if you block their entryway, there is no question of them getting into your automobile.

You can use a strong pesticide to spray on the wheel edges and the rims of the tires. When you use the pesticide, keep the car’s doors and windows closed, and don’t forget to put on a mask and wear gloves.


Ants inside your car are frustrating, especially if you don’t know how to handle the situation.

Although the process is difficult, it is not impossible. For example, if you keep food and trash out of your car and clean your vehicle periodically, you will not have to face an ant infestation.

You can reach out to a professional if you continue to have the problem.


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