7 Tips to Help You Get a Spider out of Your Car

how to get a spider out of your car

Imagine a spider dropping on your legs when you drive; the experience can be uncomfortable, scary, and downright dangerous!

If you are not careful, you can crash your car!

Many people think that their vehicles are irresistible to spiders, but these little creatures can crawl into the vehicle and set up shop. Therefore, you should know how to get a spider out of your car.

Before diving into the tips of getting rid of the eight-legged creatures, it is vital to understand why spiders find their way into your car.

Why do I have a spider in my car?

Few people are huge fans of arachnids. However, you will find them everywhere, from your house to your garden and your vehicle.

Spiders are fond of cars due to the numerous hiding spots and warmth. Besides, they also love a sheltered space with a bit of dirt. Therefore, you will likely find them behind the mirrors or in the air vents.

Here are the reasons why spiders love your car


As earlier mentioned, spiders love hiding spots, and clutter gives them the perfect shelter from outside elements.

If you have clutter around your car, your 8-legged friends will lurk in the shadows.

You should also avoid cramming newspapers and magazines in one spot. Please keep it clean.

Ease of access

A vehicle has multiple openings and cracks for spiders. They can get in and look for quiet spots to hunt for bugs and return to their webs.

The ease of access means that you will find a spider in the car multiple times. Therefore, you should learn how to drive them out of their hiding spots.

I admit, I still don’t fully understand what a spider is hoping to catch on a web inside the car! But hey, I am not a spider.

Dark places

Spiders love dark places; the darkness gives them a sense of security and helps them to survive.

A vehicle has numerous dark spots where the arachnids can utilize their senses.


Cleaning your car should be a priority since trash attracts bugs and spiders. The eight-legged creatures feed on the insects and moths, which also take refuge in dirty spaces.

Therefore, if you notice spider webs in your car, it could be because the car is dirty.

You should clean spillage, remove crumbs, and keep your car tidy.

How to get a spider out of your car


Many people have a phobia of arachnids. Spiders have been the reason for deadly accidents on the roads. Seeing a crawler inside the vehicle can make the driver swerve suddenly, causing injuries and damage to the car.

Luckily, you can scare the spiders away from the vehicle if you do not want to kill them.

Here are tips that will come in handy when getting rid of spiders in your car.

Clean and vacuum the vehicle

Spiders thrive in dirty areas. Therefore, if you want to keep the arachnids out of your car, you should keep your car spotless. Clean it regularly to avoid infestations.

When vacuuming, focus on the corners for any crumbs and ensure you wipe off any spillage. If you keep the space tidy, spiders will not find hiding spots in the vehicle, and they will stay away from your car.

Seal any openings

You need to reduce the ease of access to your vehicle. That is because arachnids find their way into the car through small holes. Therefore, you should keep the doors and windows closed when you are out of the vehicle.

Make sure you check the rubber sealing along with the doors for damages.

If the seals have cracks or are broken, spiders can get into the car quickly.

Spray with vinegar

The easiest way to eliminate spiders dwelling in your car is to spray vinegar on the creatures. First, you need to locate their hangout spots. Using a spray bottle, mix water and vinegar in equal parts and spray it on the hiding places.

Vinegar contains acetic acid, which burns spiders on contact. If you think killing them is extreme, put vinegar in a container and place it in the hiding spots, and the spiders will flee.

Remove the spider webs.

Spiders can build webs in your car, and if you want to ward them off, remove their webs.

It would be best if you vacuumed the web to get rid of the spider’s eggs before they hatch.

Use peppermint or citrus.

Spider repellents also work wonders in removing the creatures from your car.

Peppermint, citrus, and garlic have a strong smell that will keep the spiders away. Therefore, spray the repellents near their hiding spots, and they will avoid those areas.

You should also apply some oil to the mirrors, gaps, and vents in the car. When choosing repellents, ensure they are non-toxic to avoid skin irritation.

Get rid of unnecessary items and clutter.

Clutter creates a perfect environment for spiders. Therefore, removing unnecessary items eliminates dark and secluded hideouts for the creatures.

You should dispose of garbage appropriately and keep the space as tidy as possible.

Keep the interior lights off.

Bright lights can attract spiders to your vehicle. Therefore, you should keep the lights off when they are not in use. Even the exterior lights should be off immediately after you park the car. If you have passengers using electronics, ensure they keep the brightness low if your vehicle is prone to infestation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep spiders out of my car mirrors?

You can use natural methods such as spraying them with vinegar (which is actually good for cleaning mirrors!)

Peppermint oil is also good. The problem is that mirrors are on the outside of the car, and the more you drive it, and the more it rains, the less effective any scent will be.

Can spiders get inside your car?

Yes – there are many places in your car that a spider can use to gain entry. You can search around your car and seal the entry points you can see, but I doubt you will get them all!

If I see a spider in my car while I am driving, what do I do?

Remain calm, and pull into a safe area where you can safely deal with the spider.

Always remain in full control of your car.


Getting rid of spiders from your car is simple, but preventing them from coming back is a bit tricky.

Your car will always have holes small enough to let spiders in. This is the reason why it is tricky to avoid. The best thing you can do is keep your car clean and ensure windows are closed completely when not in use.

If you keep your car clean and use repellents often, spiders will be a thing of the past.

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