7 Tips: How to Get Rid of Flies in the House Quickly

Flies are just so damn annoying! It is bad enough when you get one in your home, but it is even worse when you have flies in your house, and you need to get rid of them quickly!

Maybe you have some folks around soon, or maybe you are going on vacation, and you need to get rid of the flies quickly.

Whatever the reason, we will take a look at some tips for getting rid of flies in your home quickly.

Why do I have flies in my house?

Flies are common insects but not popular with anyone who believes that they are linked with a lack of hygiene.

This is true to some extent, and it’s also another way of saying that even those who have immaculate homes sometimes get infested by flies in their homes.

There are many reasons you have flies in your home, and one of the following is likely to be the reason.

  • Failure to observe hygiene. Basic home hygiene and sanitation.
  • Climatic conditions such as thring, which is when most hoses get infested with flies.
  • Presence of foodstuffs that attract flies.
  • Presence of pets that are not cleaned often.
  • Presence of plants in the house that attract the flies.

Any of these could be the reason why you have flies flying from one surface and landing on the other all over, and you first need to establish the cause of the infestation to get rid of them permanently.

Below are effective tips on how to get rid of flies in the house quickly.

7 tips on how to get rid of flies in the house quickly

why flies in the kitchen


Flies have several ways they can get into your house, and identifying and controlling their entry point Is one of the ways to get rid of them quickly.

On a normal setup, flies use open doors and windows as highways into your house, but there are other openings such as the roof and the ceiling and the ventilation holes.

It would be best if you inspected your doors, window screens, and any other opening in the house to establish a tear or compromise that would let in the flies.

If any, fix the breakages, wall crack, and any other place that needs adjustment to make your house flyproof.

Get rid of food sources.

Flies scavenge for their foods wherever present and your house in a possible hotspot or source of food for the flies.

Dirty dishes, overflowing trash cans that are not lidded or a compost bin are common food sources for flies.

Eliminating these food sources by cleaning and house chores frequently, including emptying your trash cans and burning compost bins, will give the flies no reason to be around your home.

Using fly repellant spray

Thanks to innovations being made and advancements in technology and pharmaceuticals, there are very effective insecticides being manufactured in labs these days that are lethal to these flies.

There is the option of buying from an agro vet with guidelines on mixing up the chemicals and spray in your home or coming up with homemade insecticides to get rid of these flies.

Luckily, these days, companies are doing an incredible job of producing flavored insecticides with pleasant or no scent to avoid irritation.

Cleaning pets

If you or your kids love keeping pets, then you need to be aware that they are one of the possible reasons why you have flies in your home.

Unfortunately, animals do not have a sophisticated way of cleaning up like we humans and flies like hanging around pets that are not clean, translating to a fly infestation on your home.

In your quest to get rid of flies in your home quickly, you need to make it a habit of cleaning pets often and cleaning the areas where they love hanging out in your house.

A clean house with clean pets does not provide a conducive environment for flies to thrive.

Make fly traps

Using fly traps is a mechanical control of flies and is a very effective way of going about it. There are many kinds of fly traps, and establishing which one is effective in your home is where the work is.

The following are examples of fly traps you can use.

  • Flypaper – They are sticky and have a scent that attracts the flies, which get stuck and trapped
  • Water bottles – Flies love sugar, and there is no better way than using sugar as a trap. Put a concentration of sugar, e.g., molasses, in a soda or water bottle to trap the flies in
  • Ultraviolet fly trap
  • Fly swatters – They kill flies in small numbers but eventually get the work done. Be cautious, though, not to use fly swatters near food areas.
  • Using plants to repel flies

This is a natural way of going about it. Flies, just like other animals, are repellant to certain plants, and you can use plants in your house to keep them away.

Put flower pots in your house with plants such as lavender, lemongrass, mint, or basil to repel flies as a way of getting rid of them quickly.

Treat cesspits with chlorine frequently.

Flies are very much attracted to human waste and wastewater, and the cesspit is a hub of these materials.

Flies are magnetic to untreated cesspits, and this is something you need to control.

Use chlorine to treat cesspits as often as once a month as a way of getting rid of flies and protecting you and your loved ones from sanitary-related diseases.

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No matter how clean and organized or not, we are all potential victims of fly infestation but what matters is how to go about it in case it happens.

The best way is to go with prevention which is cheaper and easier, but if in one way or another it does not succeed one hundred percent, you can fall back to all, several, or one of these tips on how to get rid of flies in the house quickly.


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