That sucks! I hate them, and I am sure that you are not fond of them either. Let’s take a look to see why you have got maggots in your bin and the steps you can take to make sure they do not come back again!

Why Have I Got A Trash/Bin Full Of Maggots?

  • The contents have been exposed to flies.
  • You have food in your bin.
  • Flies land on the contents and lay eggs on food.
  • Eggs will hatch within days, and the maggots feed off of any food.

How Can I Get Rid Of Maggots In My Bin

  • Wait until the bin is emptied. Once it is clean, use water and bleach to ensure the bin is fully maggot-free.
  • Use boiling water to kill off the maggots.
  • Use a fly spray to keep flies away.

How Can I Stop Maggots Getting In My Bin?

  • Always make sure you dispose of food correctly. Ensure any food is placed in the correct bin, or dispose of the food in sealed food bags.
  • Ensure the contents of the bin are covered so no flies can enter.
  • Clean any food from containers before they are placed in the bin.
  • Double wrap any pet waste.
  • Keep the bin in a shaded area.


If you are having problems with maggots in your bin, you should follow the advice on this page to improve the situation!

The most important thing is that you ensure your bin is clean each time it is emptied. Many professional companies are willing to clean your bins for a small fee.

Good luck!

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