Killing Maggots With Salt – Our Guide

Flies lay their eggs in areas with enough food to sustain their offspring. Think rotting food, rotting meat, or even feces! When the eggs hatch into maggots, a ready supply of food is waiting for them.

This could be in your trash, yard, or even in your house!

Maggots are one of the most prominent pests that can be found in your home; often feasting on rotten food, these creatures are intolerable and can make you very ill if not dealt with correctly.

One of the most effective ways to deal with maggots is the common household item of salt.

Let’s take a look at killing maggots with salt.

Killing Maggots With Salt - Our Guide

Why do maggots suddenly appear?

Maggots can appear for various reasons; however, the most common reason is either rotten food in your bin or the poor hygiene found in your kitchen.

If the maggots are not properly eradicated and the cleaning procedures are not taken correctly, then they can quickly spread again.

To avoid any doubt, it is paramount that the right practices are taken, with one of the most effective being salt.

Why is salt so effective?

salt to kill maggots

There are many different ways to kill a maggot; however, salt quickly becomes the most prominent solution.

Salt is a natural dehydrator that small creatures such as maggots often find fatal due to their need for water.

You should start the process by carefully sprinkling the maggot in salt. In addition, there should be generous portions of salt in and around the bin as this will prevent the maggots from reforming and infiltrating your house once again.

After the maggots have been exterminated, it is pivotal to ensure the clean-up process is completed thoroughly, with the dead maggots immediately being sealed into a closed bag and the bin being scrubbed from head to toe.

Is it better to use a combined approach to kill maggots?

Although using salt is cheap and effective, it can be more efficient if coupled with other approaches.

For example, if you pour boiling hot water over the maggots, this can often kill instantly, and those who may be hanging on a large amount of salt should kill the remaining survivors.

If the hot water does not work, then using a cup of bleach mixed with salt will remove any doubt as the harmful chemicals will burn the maggots, and the salt will dry them out, which creates a potent mixture.

Of course, it all depends on the areas you are treating. For instance, if you are getting rid of maggots in your carpet, you can use salt, but you shouldn’t use bleach or boiling water.

Do I need professional help, or can I do this myself?

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This is a simple task that you can complete yourself without the help of any hired exterminators. This process is quick and easy and is explained thoroughly in this article.

The process is so simple because there are no harmful chemicals involved in the process; all you need is salt and a couple of cleaning products such as bleach to ensure that your kitchen is clean and they do not return.

There are some alternatives, and you can hire help if you feel it is warranted. However, if you are on a budget and feel comfortable dealing with the problem yourself, then salt might be the right solution for you.

Does salt eradicate maggots instantly?

In short, the answer to this question is yes. You will need a large amount of salt to ensure all maggots are completely removed from your household.

Maggots thrive in a wet and warm climate and can quickly multiply if not dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Using salt ensures that the maggot is no longer in its desired location as the salt will take away any moisture that has been building and consequently de-hydrate the maggots, which will eventually result in death.

This will normally take a couple of days as it takes some time for the salt to spread and create such a painful environment for your newfound pests.

So yes, you can use salt to kill maggots quickly!

How do I keep maggots away for good?

bowl of maggots

As previously mentioned, there are several ways in which maggots can be eradicated from your household for good. However, the best method to get rid of maggots is to use a combined thorough cleaning practice and salt.

Once the maggots have been removed from your house for the first time, you will only need to use small quantities of salt to ensure they will not come back again.

As maggots prey on rotten food, it is pivotal that you make sure your bin is regularly dusted with a sprinkle of salt at all times.


Does salt kill maggots? Yes – There are many ways in which maggots can be eradicated from your household, but the most effective is the common household item of salt.

Not only is salt cheap, but it also gets to the root of the problem by starving maggots of the hydration they need.

Although you can kill maggots with a tiny amount of salt, the safest thing to do is distribute significant salt levels across the areas where they seem to be producing the most damage.

Salt is a great way to get rid of maggots and can even help to tackle a maggot infestation.

If you are out of salt, you can get rid of maggots with vinegar too!

Good luck!


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