Killing Maggots With Vinegar – A Guide

Boiling water – that was my go-to method for getting rid of maggots.

That was until I found out that Vinegar is an effective way of killing maggots, with less risk too!

In this post, we will take a look at ways we can use Vinegar to kill maggots.

Let’s make a start!

Killing Maggots With Vinegar - A Guide

Maggots – An Intro

Maggots are considered one of the most irritable creatures that can be found in some households, often multiplying if not dealt with correctly.

Maggots infiltrate your home when there are significant levels of rotten food often found in and around the bin.

There are several ways in which maggots can be eradicated from your home, with Vinegar being one of the most effective.

Let’s not forget that maggots come from flies, so we are looking to stop flies from getting to your trash!

Why is Vinegar so effective in killing maggots?

Vinegar is a solution used in many cleaning products across the world due to its non-toxic characteristics.

Vinegar is versatile and cheap. It is also a potent threat for those who are looking to exterminate such creatures from their homes.

Furthermore, Vinegar is so effective because of its high acidic content. It messes with these maggots and other bugs too!

Does Vinegar kill maggots? Yes, it does! Coupled with other ingredients, it is a potent tool that can help you get rid of maggots and other bugs from your home too.

How do I kill maggots with Vinegar?

white vinegar (1)

Vinegar is a practical and cheap alternative to other pest controls and is very simple to use. All individuals can eradicate this problem if the instructions are followed correctly.

It’s an excellent green cleaning product too!

First of all, you must directly cover the trash can, inside and out, in white Vinegar, carefully making sure that all nest maggots are splashed with the solution.

This will rot the creatures out from their inside and leave no margin for them to reappear if the hygiene of the kitchen is kept up to standards.

After this process has been completed, it is integral to ensure that the dustbin has been thoroughly cleaned.

You can do this by using 1 cup of bleach and at least a gallon of water. This will help wash out any remaining bodies that may still be relaxing at the bottom of your trash can.

How long will it take for the Vinegar to kill the maggots?

This question depends on how much effort you are willing to put into the process. If done correctly, it can take around 6 hours to make sure all maggots have been killed. However, if completed without taking the necessary process, this can be a lengthy procedure that could help the creatures multiply.

This not only creates an unpleasant situation for the hygiene of your family but could result in health issues if not correctly dealt with.

If you use a combined approach of ingredients such as water and apple cider vinegar, this process can often take a bit longer, with the average time being around 18 hours.

The quicker the problem has been eradicated, the better, so you should be aiming to have the problem dealt with in those six hours.

Will I need to hire an exterminator? Or can I kill them myself?

pest control expert

This is a process that is quick and simple and can be completed by any individual who follows the steps of this article.

Often exterminators can be expensive, and due to the toxic chemicals they often use to kill pests, you usually have to leave your home, resulting in more money being spent.

Despite this, Vinegar is a natural solution and is unharmful if used in the right quantities, and can be just as effective as any other solution on the market.

However, you must be careful when completing the procedure as if all maggots are not killed, they can quickly spread, and you will be stuck with this problem for the foreseeable future.

How do I keep maggots away for good?

The only way maggots will stay away from your house is by ensuring that your kitchen or any area is cleaned regularly and that all rotten food is immediately disposed of.

It would be best to implement the same procedure every time you empty the trash can. A potent mixture of Vinegar and water will help ensure that these beasts never return and that the hygiene and safety of your household remains.

A combined approach of using different products can also help exterminate maggots. Salt and Vinegar are often a potent mix when used on food. However, it can be equally as valuable when combined to kill pests due to the opposing characteristics.


There are many different ways to kill a maggot. However, if you are looking for a method that is effective in practice and on a budget, then Vinegar is the product for you.

The solution works quickly and has provided several individuals with the outcome they were dreaming of.

Maggots are dirty creatures that multiply if not eradicated. That is why it is paramount that you follow the instructions talked about in this article.

If all else fails, pour boiling water over them, but please be careful!

Good luck.


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