How to Get Rid of German Cockroaches In a Car

German cockroaches can be a big nuisance in cars, and the reason is not far-fetched.

For most car owners, their mere presence in cars is nauseating. In addition, they tend to generate excretions or droppings all over your car, leaving a disgusting musty smell in your car.

So, do you want to know how to solve your car-roach problem – permanently?

Then, continue reading.

In this post, you will discover why cockroaches infest your car, common signs of a cockroach infestation, and practical ways to kill roaches in your car. As a bonus, there is a section on preventing these winged pests from infesting your car ever again!

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German Cockroaches From a Car

Common reasons for a car roach infestation

cockroach german

Before you attempt to get rid of german roaches in your car, you must first find out why they infest your vehicle. So, why do german cockroaches infest cars?

The presence of food crumbs is one of the significant reasons for roach infestation in many cars. Thus, if you eat in the automobile often, those crumbs attract cockroaches because roaches always look for something to eat, dirt.

Also, changes in climatic circumstances might cause german cockroaches to enter your automobiles. For example, too much dryness, cold, snow, and heavy rains may push roaches to seek refuge in your car.

Another reason why german roaches infest cars is easy-access. For example, if you leave your car windows or doors open, german cockroaches will take advantage of that or any other opening to enter your car.

Essentially, the reasons why german cockroaches infest cars are the presence of food & water, harsh climate, and easy access.

Signs you have german cockroaches in your car.

Sometimes, German roach sightings may indicate that your vehicle is unclean. For example, you’re likely to have roaches in your automobile if food crumbs, cups, biscuits, cake, and rubbish are on the floors, boots, or glove box.

So, what are the indicators of the presence of cockroaches in your car? The following are the leading indicators that cockroaches have infested your vehicle:

  • First, you begin to detect the unpleasant, strong stink of cockroaches.
  • Next, you may see dead and alive cockroaches crawling about in your automobile.
  • Cockroach droppings on automobile floors, glove compartments, and anywhere else in the vehicle.
  • Baby roaches or nymphs
  • Roach egg sacs

Why get them out of your car?

Besides being an obvious annoyance, what are the health hazards associated with roaches? When cockroaches infest your automobile, they can pose health dangers to you and your family, including dogs and children.

The following are some of the health dangers associated with having roaches in your vehicle:

  • Reactions to allergens
  • Exposure to feces and waste
  • Poisonous bites
  • Roaches can infect your car’s snacks and edibles.
  • Cockroaches, excrement, eggs, and body cells littering your truck
  • Microorganisms that can cause illness
  • Roaches can bite you in your automobile.
  • Exposure to potentially harmful cockroach saliva and excrement that create allergies

Hence, to keep your family safe, you should do all you can to eliminate any Cockroaches that occur in your automobile as soon as you notice them. Why?

Because your vehicle or automobile can quickly be changed into a roach breeding ground if you don’t act quickly.

Steps to take to kill or remove german roaches from your car

Below you have some methods that you can use to kill roaches in your car interior:

Thorough cleaning

car being cleaned

The first step in ensuring that your automobile does not become a breeding ground for cockroaches is a thorough cleaning.

You should vacuum all the dash surfaces, the car doors, and other areas that may store food waste, dirt, and things that roaches hide or lay eggs.

Also, this is an excellent time to clean the windows and the inside of the windshield. You should also empty all storage containers and vacuum them. Finally, leaving whatever you don’t need in the car until you’re confident the roaches are gone for good is a good idea.

You’ll need to do more than simply clean your automobile to eliminate roaches. Because even with a thorough cleaning, you may overlook some cockroaches lurking in nooks and crannies that standard cleaning methods cannot reach.

This is why you need other methods to kill the german cockroaches.

Roach baits

cockroach bait station

One of the effective ways to kill cockroaches in your car is the use of cockroach baits.

Here’s how to use roach bait:

You place these little bait traps in compartments, corners, and small and dark locations where you’re likely to find roaches in your car. This is a better option than a bug bomb, which will likely stain your car’s interior and leave a chemical residue on every surface.

Gel baits are frequently the ideal choice for your pest-control strategy. However, be careful to keep your car clean by vacuuming away dead insects and other debris that accumulates during the gel bait treatment procedure.

Diatomaceous earth or boric acid

Diatomaceous Earth

If you don’t like the idea of using roach baits, Diatomaceous earth is a natural alternative.

Diatomaceous earth is a powdered substance that may be sprinkled over carpets and chairs. The issue with this bug-killing compound is that you must vacuum it up and reapply it regularly.

Its advantage, however, is that it is safe for dogs and will not hurt children or other passengers in your vehicle. Ensure you don’t sprinkle it on surfaces so much that it makes a major mess.

Boric acid works the same way as diatomaceous earth, too. So, it is a suitable alternative to bug bombs. Always follow the correct instructions when using boric acid, as it may harm humans and pets.

After getting rid of the cockroaches, what next?

After you have either killed or repelled the german cockroaches from your car, it is expedient that you take steps to prevent them from entering your car again. Here are some steps you can take to avoid future car-roach-infestation:

Do not eat in your car

eating in car (1)

Roaches survive on food and will go to any extent to find it in your automobile. Cockroaches will consume any food item found in your vehicle.

Hence, you should avoid eating in the car, and if you do, be sure to clear out any food pieces to avoid pests, particularly roaches.

Park your car far away from your trash cans

If there is not much distance between your garage and your dustbin, you invite roaches inside your automobile. If you always park your car near garbage collection locations, cockroaches can quickly move from the garbage into your vehicle for shelter.

Packing near garbage and dustbin collection sites in your home and compound is not recommended.

Fix water leaks in your car

Another major thing that attracts cockroaches is water. Cockroaches love to dwell in any location that is filled with water. If your car leaks and has openings that allow water entrance and collection. The water in the car will always attract cockroaches.

To prevent this, you should check your car for water collection points or leaks and fix them as soon as possible. Your car’s major water collection points may be in the trunk, under the hood, or inside.

Seal all roach entry points

Every little nook in a car with food residues or a dirty automobile is an entry point for cockroaches. Roaches can enter your car through gaps and tiny holes in the following locations:

  • Vehicle door gaps
  • Space or damage in the sunroof liner of your vehicle
  • Undercarriage crack in your vehicle
  • Spaces and Holes in the Windshield Lining

So, you can inspect the roach-infested car for entry points and seal them off to prevent these six-legged pests (and other insects like bed bugs) from entering your vehicle again.


If you have german cockroaches in your car, then you should follow the advice in the post to eliminate them. First things first, do not give them a reason to be there and do what you can to stop them from getting in (by sealing entry points)

Also, you can use natural cockroach repellents like white vinegar, peppermint oil, catnip, bay leaves, and garlic. Or you use an insect growth regulator to keep the cockroach population under control.

Finally, you should endeavor to keep your car clean as much as possible.

Good luck!


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