We all hate roaches.

Aside from spreading diseases, they are also known for their squeamish factor. Seeing one or two inside the house is no big deal, but if you notice signs of infestation, you need to take immediate action to get rid of them.

These pests can cause diseases and attract other pests into your home.

Before you can address your cockroach infestation, you need to answer the question: Where do roaches hide?

It is only when you know the answer to this question you can address the problem, and you will know where to place cockroach traps.

So, let’s take a look, shall we?

Where Do Roaches Hide In these 10 Places

10 Common Places That Roaches Hide In Your House

cockroach hiding in a bathroom


Kitchens have everything that pests want – food, water, and shelter. The dishwashers and sinks are their playgrounds. Areas in the kitchen with leftover food particles also attract all kinds of pests.

Unlike many other pests and insects, roaches do not maintain a low profile, either during the day or night. They love crawling all over the place, looking for nourishment.

Appliances, furniture, floors, cabinets are as attractive to these bugs as dish-draining mats and sinks. Roaches usually wait for the lights to go off to come into the open and search for food. In contrast, the bold cockroaches don’t fear treading your path now and then.

These bugs typically make nests inside the cabinets, drawers, and under the appliances and furniture in your kitchen. The ones nestling inside the drawers are a threat because they leave pathogens and microbes on the cooking utensils.


The next place where you are likely to find roaches are the bathrooms. The baths are wet and have pipes running around, which the roaches love.

You may wonder, but toilets don’t have any food! But these places house other items that cockroaches love, such as discarded paper tissues, soaps, cosmetics, hair strands, and dead skin.


cockroach hiding in a pipe

Roaches love water and getting wet. So they don’t mind settling down inside pipes. The spots in your home where the pipelines touch the walls are ideally moist and are among the best hiding places for cockroaches.

They continuously release bits of condensation that roaches love to be around. Exposed pipelines on the walls are great hiding spots for them.

Cupboards, Cabinets, and Closets

Roaches fester inside closed areas such as closets and even lay eggs inside them. They also love roaming through every inch of the cupboards, kitchen cabinets, and closets.

Anyone who has pulled out kitchen drawers or cabinets after a long time will definitely know what we’re are talking about. Did you know that these bugs like to hang upside-down?

Well, apparently, yes. You will find roaches hiding in this position in the upper inside corners of your cabinets and cupboards.


These are the last places we would ever look for roaches. But sadly, they like being inside and under our appliances both day and night.

Refrigerators and stoves have nooks and crannies that are warm and cozy. They seek refuge in such spots during the sunlight hours.

Water heaters are assumed to be the best breeding ground for them because they have access to water and warmth, plus human traffic in such spots is minimal.

The appliances on kitchen countertops such as blenders, coffeemakers, toasters, and microwaves are also a favorite hangout. Did we forget to mention that toasters also provide tasty breadcrumbs for them to feast on?


cockroach hiding on a piece of material

Why do we love comfy furniture? Because they are warm, soft, and firm, which makes them attractive to roaches as well.

Their flat bodies can get into the nooks and crannies of the tightest places inside your couches. They love how the upholstery feels against their upper and lower bodies.

The interior of cozy furniture is an excellent spot for these pests to take shelter and breed.

They can produce tens to thousands of little roaches in just a few weeks. If you do a thorough cleaning, you will find colonies of eggs inside them. The white and yellow casings can be found under chairs and tables.

Cardboard and Paper

Paper and cardboard are a delicacy for roaches. Even envelope glue draws them into your house. The smell and texture of stacks of paper, glue, and cardboard of beverage boxes and food are perfect places for them to eat, hide and take shelter.

They also leave trails of feces and bacteria all over the place. They also destroy the paper boxes by releasing acids and oils that break down the fibers present in the paper, making the entire place stink and attract other pests.

Inside electronics and decor

Roaches lurk behind books in the shelves, inside and underneath light fixtures and electronics, and inside other décor pieces and knick-knacks.

The moment you move anything, they will jump out from their hideouts. If they end up building nests inside electronics, it could damage them. So it helps to clean these items once a month to prevent the roaches from building colonies inside electronics.

Baseboards and Trim

There are dark, thin, and tight areas under window and door trims which are great hiding places for roaches.

Don’t be surprised if you also find them in the crevices of walls. If you ever wake up in the middle of the night, you will notice roaches running around only to disappear into nothingness in the split of a second.

You were not able to come up with a rational explanation for this because these areas are so tiny it is almost invisible to our eyes.


Sometimes roaches have been spotted on the ceilings, especially in dark rooms. They feel safe in dark rooms and so often roam the ceilings upside-down.

When searching for roaches, it is always a good idea to look up. You may find some looking back down at you from the ceiling!


Roaches are filthy pests because they carry several disease-causing microbes on their bodies which can get transferred to our food and bodies. It would be best if you got rid of them ASAP.

To ensure good health, we need to prevent any infestation inside our homes. Keeping our living spaces clean and clutter-free is the best preventive measure. If they don’t have access to food and water, they will not get into your homes. 

Along with maintaining a clean environment, storing the food items in tightly sealed containers will reduce the chances of a cockroach infestation.

Once you have found roaches hiding in your home, you know where you need to lay down the roach bait.

Good luck!

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