Where to Put Cockroach Traps in Your Home – 11 Places

Whether you think you have 1 cockroach or 1,000 cockroaches in your home, you can call in a professional or tackle the problem yourself.

To tackle a cockroach infestation problem, you need traps… and you need to know where to put these traps to increase the chances of successfully catching these roaches.

In this post, I will arm you with knowledge about where to put cockroach traps in your home. In fact, I will give you the 11 places where I would put traps if I thought my home was under attack by roaches!

Most of these are good choices because they directly link to things that attract roaches to your home.

What you will learn in this post:

  1. 11 places to put cockroach traps in your home
  2. The reasons why these are good choices

11 Best Places to Put Cockroach Traps in Your Home

Where to Put Cockroach Traps in Your Home

Behind Kitchen Counters

As you are probably already aware, roaches need to eat! It’s hardly a spoiler alert…

That means cockroaches will be in your kitchen. After all, your kitchen is likely to be the main food source in your home, right?

Behind kitchen cabinets offer security for cockroaches because it is dark, and they know you are not there to stamp on them.

Also, if there are holes in the back of your kitchen cabinets or pantry, then cockroaches will also have effortless access to food.

Place the roach traps behind kitchen cabinets. This is where you will catch the majority of roaches in your home because this is where cockroaches hide above any other place!

Next to Shower

Roaches also need water to survive, and most roaches like to operate in humid environments. The most humid environment in your home will be near the show unit, which is why this area is an excellent choice to lay down a roach trap or two.

Next to, behind, or under the shower are viable places to put roach traps.

Behind Toilets

Behind toilets, there are pipes and security.

Both of these things will attract roaches. If roaches are attracted to an area, then it is an excellent idea to lay down some traps.

In fact, you should consider the whole area around the toilet.

Under Sink Units

If your home is a viable choice for roaches, then one of the places they will eventually find is the area under your sink units. Why? Because any small drop of water will attract roaches to it.

There is a common theme appearing in this post… each of these areas is based around something that roaches are attracted to!

Next to Heater Systems

I mentioned above that cockroaches like to operate in humid environments, but it doesn’t stop there. Any warm environment is a place that roaches want to be.

Your heating system will offer roach warmth too. Place at least one trap down near any heater or heating system you have in your home. This is a widespread area to find a roach nest, so keep that in mind when you are laying the traps down.

Under Water Pipes

If you have had a sudden appearance of roaches, it could be because you have recently sprung a leak in your water pipes.

Cockroaches spend most of their time hunting down food and water supply. If they find a leak in your home before you do, then they will congregate around that area, which makes it a perfect place to put down at least one cockroach trap in your home, right?

At the Side/Behind the Dishwasher

I know… you’ve heard it before… but this is another area where roaches can find a water supply and even small pieces of food.

When you put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, small bits of food may fall off around this area and in the gaps at the side of the dishwasher. Therefore, this will attract roaches and is an awesome place for you to add a roach trap.

Next to/Behind the Refridgerator

Although the inside of a refrigerator is cold, the outside is warm, right? That means roaches will be happy to hide in the areas surrounding a refrigerator.

Not only is it a warm area, but there is also the potential for a small leak or collection of water that roaches can drink from.

I would pull out the unit and place at least 1 roach trap behind the refrigerator. If you can fit some traps to its side, that is also an excellent place to put the roach traps.

Next to/Behind the Washing Machine

Again, a washing machine may spring a small leak, and there are enough moving parts in it to generate some heat, especially if you have a drier too!

Behind washing, machines and driers is a good place to lay down some roach traps.

Near Water Tanks

I am beginning to sound like a broken record here, but the area near water tanks is another excellent place to put cockroach traps.

It will be a warm area for a start, especially if it is storing hot water! Secondly, the water tank will offer a drinking station for roaches.

Lay down at least one trap:

  • To the side of the water tank
  • At the back of the water tank
  • Underneath the water tank – assuming there is enough space

On Kitchen Countertops

Your countertops are a place where you will catch a large number of roaches, but only at night!

Cockroaches will rarely come out in the light, especially in an area where you frequent, such as the kitchen.

If you don’t want them to be in the kitchen during the day, simply move the traps elsewhere. As soon as you hit sundown, you should be adding the roach traps to your countertops again.

I do not doubt that if you have roaches in your home, they will be walking over your countertops during the night, hunting for food. Why? Because most countertops have small pieces of food on them, such as crumbs, etc. This is a huge attraction for roaches.

The danger is that roaches will pick up bacteria etc., from walking through garbage, toilets, and even animal poop. Whilst they are walking over your countertops, the roaches will be contaminating the surface. That surface will be used to prep your breakfast in the morning! Gross, right?


If you wanted to know where to put cockroach traps in your home, then the 11 places in this post will give you exactly what you need. To successfully address a coach infestation, you need to be aware of all 11 places.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of places to put roach traps, but these are the 11 most common and the 11 places where I have seen the most success over the years.

When considering where to place roach traps, you should also place them in areas where you have seen a cockroach or have seen evidence of cockroach activity.

As I mentioned at the start of the post, you should take a look at what attracts cockroaches to your home in the first place. Use that knowledge to decide where to place the traps. Also, you should consider the common roach entry points too.

Good luck!


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  1. I have a professional exterminator coming in I have also applied roach bathe this has been going on for 2 months how long does it take to get rid of these I have no water leaks I have sailed everything up

    • Hi, and thanks for getting in touch! I must admit it doesn’t usually go on for 2 months. Have you added traps into the places highlighted in this post? These are the most common areas that you should lay down the roach traps. Do you catch many in them?

      Also – you should check around your entire property for other entry points too.


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