Where Do Roaches Come From In The Bathroom? 5 Places

Roaches seem to come from everywhere, especially when dealing with an infestation!

While common places for a roach to appear are kitchens (with food being one of the things that attract roaches to your home) and pantries, there is no limit to where roaches can appear.

In this post, we will answer the question, ‘where do roaches come from in the bathroom?’

We will also cover 5 things that you can do to stop them from appearing in the bathroom in the first place!

What you will learn in this post:

  1. Where do roaches come from in the bathroom?
  2. 5 things you can do to stop roaches from appearing in the bathroom.
  3. Frequently asked questions

Where Do Roaches Come From In The Bathroom

Where Do Roaches Come From In The Bathroom? 5 Places

Where Do Roaches Come From In The Bathroom 5 Common Places Infographic

Under The Basin

With a water supply being one of the biggest reasons you have cockroaches in your home, it is no surprise that roaches will appear from under the basin in your bathroom.

There is a ready water supply there (if there is a small leak), and there are also likely to be gaps around the pipework that roaches use to gain access to the bathroom.

Under The Bath

For similar reasons to those above, the area under your bath has 2 key things that cockroaches look for:

  1. Water supply
  2. Gaps to gain entry

There is also the fact that they will feel secure under your bath. It is also a great place for roaches to lay eggs, so you must be aware of that.

Window Frame

Gaps around your window frame allow cockroaches a way into your home and offer them a way out if they sense trouble brewing!

Also, a window inside a bathroom may pick up condensation, which also offers a drinking station for a cockroach.


In your bathroom, there are likely to be drains running from your:

  1. Basin
  2. Bath
  3. Shower

Each one offers a place for a roach to gain entry to your home. Not only does it offer an entry point, but it also offers a cockroach a place to take a drink.


Where do roaches come from in the bathroom? The final place is the toilet!

While roaches do not live in water, they can hold their breath for long periods. More than long enough to traverse your drain system and exit through your toilet.

A toilet is an entry point into your bathroom for a cockroach and offers them a drink!

Tackling A Bathroom Dwelling Roach

We have covered the question ‘Where do roaches come from in the bathroom?’, and now we will look at reducing the chances of getting them in the first place.

You likely picked up a similar theme across all bathroom entry points that cockroaches use! If not, here they are:

  1. Gaps to enter the bathroom
  2. Water supply

How do you get rid of cockroaches in the bathroom? Let’s take a look.


cockroach trap

The first thing you should be doing is setting up several traps at some of the entry points. I use glue traps.

Set roach traps in the following places:

  1. Under the bath
  2. Under the basin
  3. On any countertop

That leaves the pipework!

Clean The Pipes

Ensure that you clean the pipes using either bleach or white vinegar.

Both items will get rid of roaches inside the pipework and act to deter them for a short time. As you pour water into the pipes, the scent of the deterrent will disperse and will no longer be effective.

If you have identified that roaches are coming up through the pipes, it might be worth using the plug or buying a cover for the drain hole in the basin, bath, or shower.

Fix Any Leaks

This is the biggest and the best thing you can do to stop roaches from getting into your bathroom.

If any of your water pipes are leaking, a roach will be attracted to it as a water supply. After all, roaches need to drink too, right?

By fixing the leaks, you are removing one thing that attracts cockroaches to your bathroom.

Seal Entry Points

If a roach cannot get into your bathroom, you will not get any roaches in your bathroom! It is as simple as that.

You should check around pipework, window frames, and any small holes in the holes under the bath and basic. It would help if you sealed these holes up straight away. Not only is it good for your house, but it also stops cockroaches from getting into your home.

Remove Any Food/Garbage

You are likely to have a trash bin in your bathroom. This may have discarded food or drink bottles inside.

As roaches are attracted to food, they will be attracted to discarded food in the trash.

You should remove the trash regularly, mainly if it contains food items.

Frequently Asked Questions

roaches in the bathroom frequently-asked-questions why do cockroaches come out at night

Can cockroaches come up through the toilet?

Yes. Although cockroaches cannot survive in water for too long, they can survive long enough to traverse your pipework and exit out of your toilet.

Why would roaches be in the bathroom?

There are 3 main reasons why roaches would be in a bathroom. 1. Because it allows good access to a water supply, 2. There are likely to be access points around pipework, and 3. Some areas offer cockroaches security, such as under your bath or basin.

What do you pour down the drain to get rid of cockroaches?

You can buy specialized roach liquid to pour into drains to get rid of roaches and eggs, but I use bleach or white vinegar. Mix the white vinegar with water 50/50 and pour it into the drain.


Where do roaches come from in the bathroom? I have identified the 5 most common places and 5 things you can do to reduce the chances of getting a roach in your bathroom.

The most important thing you can do is remove all the things that attract roaches and seal up the entry points they use to gain access in the first place.


  1. Food (empty the trash)
  2. Water (fix leaks)
  3. Entry points

Entry points into the bathroom include:

  1. Gaps around window frames
  2. Gaps around pipework
  3. Holes in the walls

If you follow these instructions, you will not get any roaches in your bathroom!

Good luck!


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