20+ Interesting Questions About Cockroaches

Do you have a question about cockroaches? Because these annoying little pests cause so much grief for home and business owners, many questions need to be answered! In this post, I am going to put together answers for any cockroach-related questions that get asked. If you have an interesting question about cockroaches, please get in touch, or leave a comment below!

Cockroach questions

20 + Cockroach Related Questions

Here is a list of cockroach-related questions. I said above if you have any questions that you would like to ask, please get in touch or leave a comment below and we will add it to the list!

Do cockroaches eat spiders?

Yes – roaches do eat spiders. That might come as very welcome news to those of you who do not like spiders, I think I would rather take a chance with spiders instead of cockroaches! Unless they are venomous, of course.

Can cockroaches attack you?

No, cockroaches will not attack you. If a cockroach is moving towards you, do not panic, it will not attack, it probably just can’t see you!

Do cockroaches avoid humans?

In my experience, yes, cockroaches do avoid humans. Every time I have tried to sneak up on a roach, it turns on the afterburners and beats a hasty retreat in the opposite direction immediately!

It makes catching roaches very very difficult!

Will roaches leave a cold house?

It is fair to say that roaches prefer being in a warmer climate (a bit like me really!) however, it does not mean that a roach will move out of a house if the house is too cold.

In reality, you are likely to get too cold before the cockroach does!

Do cockroaches jump?

No, roaches do not jump. They can flap their wings a little to make it look like they are jumping, but they cannot jump.

Does cinnamon repel roaches?

I have tested cinnamon to repel roaches and can confirm that it does not work. I wish it did, but it doesn’t. There are some excellent scents that will repel roaches like tea tree oil.

Can cockroaches dig?

Yes – cockroaches can dig.

Can cockroaches bite you?

Brace yourselves – yes, roaches can bite you! Cockroaches can feast on tons of strange items, and one of those is dead skin, so they do have a taste for ‘humans’. Ultimately, cockroaches can bite you, although it doesn’t happen very often.

Do cockroaches lay eggs?

Yes – roaches lay eggs, and lots of them! Cockroaches will lay eggs in a warm part of your home, and there can be up to 50 eggs in each ‘session’.

How many legs does a cockroach have?

Cockroaches have 6 legs.

Do cockroaches eat poop?

Again, this is going to be another answer that you may not like, especially as these insects are going to be running all over your house. Yes – roaches eat poop! Not only that, but they will walk all over the poop and then tread it all in your house. Imagine a cockroach feasting on a pile of dog poop and then finding its way on to your countertops!

Do roaches eat roaches?

Yes, oddly enough, roaches do also eat roaches. It is not unusual for a roach to fest upon a roach that has recently died.

Do cockroaches attract mice?

Mice are attracted to easy access to food. Roaches are attracted to the same thing! Although roaches do not directly attract mice, there are things that will attract both cockroaches, and mice. Also, mice have been known to eat roaches, but they are not high on the list of foods that mice like!

Do cockroaches avoid cats?

It is natural for a cockroach to be fearful of any animal that is larger than them. In the same way that cockroaches fear humans, they will also fear cats and dogs.

Can cockroaches make dogs sick?

On their own, cockroaches are not going to make a dog sick. The problems lays with secondary poisoning. If a roach eats some poison and gets eaten by a dog, then the dog may get sick, depending on the poison used.

Can cockroaches make cats sick?

On their own, cockroaches are not going to make a cat sick. The problems lays with secondary poisoning. If a roach eats some poison and gets eaten by a cat, then the cat may get sick, depending on the poison used.

Can cockroaches regrow their heads?

No, a cockroach cannot regrow their heads. Cockroaches can survive for some time after their head has been removed, they will not grow it back.

Do cockroaches only live in dirty places?

No, cockroaches like in any place where they have easy access to food and water. As long as they can get access, then a cockroach will get in. It doesn’t matter if the house is clean or dirty.

Do cockroaches always die on their backs?

No cockroaches do not always die on their backs. If a roach is knocked on its back after they have died, they are more likely to stay there due to the shape of their back.

Do cockroaches eat ants?

Cockroaches do eat ants. I have seen roaches eating dead ants. Interestingly, ants also eat cockroaches! It takes a large number of ants to devour a cockroach, but it does happen.


There you go, a page with over 20 questions relating to cockroaches. As I searched for folks asking these types of questions, I was amazon by some of them!

Roaches are a dirty insect to have in and around your home. It is not something that you want to have near your home.

I mentioned in one of the questions that cockroaches eat poop, which means they will be carrying all kinds of bacteria that might make you sick. If a cockroach walks over dog poop or cat poop, then it could pick up this bacteria and tread it all over your countertops. This will then be picked up by something you place on the countertop (including food).

If you have any questions that you would like to answer for (cockroach-related), please get in touch or leave a comment below.

Good luck!


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