Roaches love filth and are known to spread diseases. These pesky bugs are attracted to murky, damp, and dark places that are the best source of nourishment for them.

Roaches carry disease-causing microbes on their bodies which are dangerous to humans.

These pests are also known to induce asthma and allergies.

That is enough of a reason to get rid of them!

There are several effective ways to deal with a roach infestation. But one of the safest and easiest ways is by placing baits in different parts of your home. Notably in places where cockroaches hide or get into your home.

So, if you are wondering where to place roach bait, then I have all the details you need in this article!

Where To Place Cockroach Bait For Maximum Success

Different Types Of Roach Bait

When you go shopping for roach baits, you will be amazed by the several options. Some are in the form of small discs or bait stations. These are filled with a kind of gel that attracts cockroaches and kills them.

Some of the baits are available as gel in tubes. You need to apply them in the crevices and corners of your home. Both types are great for luring and killing them.

Roach baits can contain boric acid, which is an effective ingredient in getting rid of infestations. The gel mixture draws roaches and other pests that ingest the gel. Once it gets inside them, the poison kills them instantly.

All bait stations are small. You can place them in any place where you detect cockroach infestation. These gels can be squeezed into even the tightest areas, cracks and crevices, and even below furniture and appliances.

The Benefits Of Using Cockroach Bait

cockroach bait station

Some of the reasons why you should use baits to kill roaches are:

  • Natural baits do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins found in most pesticides and insecticides. The only chemical present in them is boric acid which is mildly toxic and does not pose any danger.
  • You can get rid of the infestation in your entire house with a single application. You also don’t have to reapply the bait very often. A single bait can last for almost a year.
  • Roach baits are not expensive as other options. It costs only a small amount and lasts for a longer time than others.
  • When you use powders or sprays, they can get everywhere and even get mixed with your food. In contrast, bait traps stay in the spot where you apply them. Baits also don’t smell, which means you can use them anywhere in your home.
  • Baits are convenient to use because you don’t need to move anything around, and neither do you have to perform a major cleaning afterward.

The Best Areas To Use Cockroach Bait

cockroach bait with dead roaches

You can place baits in any part of the house. But that doesn’t mean that you leave strings of baits all over the place. It is a waste of time and money. Note down the areas where you often spot the roaches.

Sometimes they leave evidence such as egg casings, roach droppings, and even their limbs!

Once you have found the areas of their activity, you should set the traps there. But if you have pets or children at home, you would want to set the baits in areas they cannot access.

Some of the common areas in the house that draw roaches are:

Kitchens – this shouldn’t come as a surprise because kitchens have water, food, and enough place for them to take shelter. So let’s begin by strategically setting the traps in the kitchen. Focus on the following spaces –

  • Under the appliances such as your fridge, microwave, toaster, oven, water dispenser, coffee maker, dishwasher, etc.
  • Along the edges and crevices of your cupboards and drawers
  • Don’t forget the countertops, including every nook and cranny
  • Lastly, under your kitchen sink where the pipes plumb into the walls

Bathrooms – this is a roach’s second favorite dwelling spot. You might end up with an infestation in this area because these pests love moisture. So keep the baits in the following areas of your bathroom –

  • Under the washbasin
  • Inside the medicine cabinets
  • Behind the toilet where the water line connects into the wall
  • In areas where moisture tends to accumulate

Other popular spaces

  • Laundry rooms – under the washing machine and the drying machine. Near the water heater
  • In and around the dressers, closets, and other vanities
  • Behind the TV, game consoles, and around any other electronics

Using Cockroach Bait – Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much bait should be used?

It entirely depends on the degree of the roach infestation. Most manufacturers suggest using one or two tubes of the bait for the kitchen. If you are treating other areas, also you need to use them accordingly.

2. How long does the roach bait last?

The baits last until the roaches stop eating them. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when deciding when to replace your roach bait.

3. How do I keep roaches from coming back?

You can try using the bait for a longer period. Some of the bait brands promise to stay fresh and active for a long time. So this should help you in keeping the infestation from recurring. Also, take the necessary preventive steps, including keeping your home and premises clean and dry. It would help if you also made sure that roaches don’t have access to food.

4. Can I also use spray with the bait?

Sprays may contaminate the baits, making them unattractive to roaches. However, if you are using a non-repellent pesticide or insecticide, it is fine to spray them on the bait.


Roaches need to stay out of your homes so that you and your family are not exposed to any health risks.

And using traps or baits is a non-poisonous and environment-friendly way to get rid of the roaches. But instead of rushing into buying bait, we recommend reading the labels and descriptions to make sure that you end up with a suitable product to treat the infestation in your home.

Good luck!

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